Binaroku is simple logic game that is fun for all ages.
The goal is simple; fill the grid with 1s and 0s following the game rules.Rule 1. There can be no more than two consecutive 0s or 1s next to each other.Rule 2. There must be an equal number of 0s and 1s on each column and each row.Rule 3. No rows and no columns can be identical.
Three levels of difficulty with grids ranging from 4×4 up to 14×14, including rectangular grids. All the grids are randomly generated for a virtually inexhaustible number of puzzles.
Smaller grids are great for younger players or if you just want a quick game. Larger grids will provide a challenge to even the best puzzle solvers.
Grids can be zoomed in and out using a spread and pinch motion to easily complete large grids even on smaller devices.

Theme: Elation by Kaira.
Cape Town, South Africa